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Instructional time is very important. To limit interruptions to the classroom, teacher phone numbers are not listed. If you would like to speak to a teacher, please call the front office and leave a message, or e-mail him or her to set up a time to speak. Thank you for your understanding and support.
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Ami Trevillion  1st Ami.Trevillion@wesdschools.org  1st Grade Teachers 
Jennifer Shropshire 1st Jennifer.Shropshire@wesdschools.org  1st Grade Teachers 
Victoria Reddick 1st Victoria.Reddick@wesdschools.org 1st Grade Teachers 
Shelley Dyck 2nd Shelley.Dyck@wesdschools.org  2nd Grade teachers 
Sidney Pacheco 2nd Sidney.Pacheco@wesdschools.org 2nd Grade teachers 
Sandie Hammon 3rd Sandra.Hammon@wesdschools.org  3rd Grade Teachers 
Vicky Wolf 3rd Vicky.Wolf@wesdschools.org  3rd Grade teachers 
Rachel Hommel 3rd Rachel.Hommel@wesdschools.org  3rd Grade Teachers 
Stacey Smith 4th Stacey.Smith@wesdschools.org  4th Grade Teachers 
Amanda Gall  4th Amanda.Gall@wesdschools.org  4th Grade Teachers 
Jennifer Richards 4th Jennifer.Richards@wesdschools.org 4th Grade Teachers 
Jody Gallagher 5th Jody.Gallagher@wesdschools.org  5th Grade Teachers 
Virgie Lloyd 5th Virgie.Lloyd@wesdschools.org  5th Grade Teachers 
Kathy Devers 5th Kathy.Devers@wesdschools.org  5th Grade Teachers 
Beth Douthitt 6th  Beth.Douthitt@wesdschools.org  6th Grade Teachers 
Matt Elliott 6th Matt.Elliott@wesdschools.org  6th Grade Teachers 
Amy Lauzon 6th Ami.Lauzon@wesdschools.org  
Sara Inman 7th Sara.Inman@wesdschools.org Middle School 
Cassie Noel 7th Cassandra.Reidenbach-noel@wesdschools.org  Middle School 
Mike Walton 8th Mike.Walton@wesdschools.org  Middle School 
Teresa Demore 8th Teresa.DemoreStormer@wesdschools.org  Middle School 
Dr. Tara Armstead Achievement Interventionist  Tara.armstead@wesdschools.org  
Michael Procter Art Michael.Procter@wesdschools.org Mr. Procter 
Libby Yoder EL Intervention Elizabeth.yoder@wesdschools.org  
Chris.Dacey Gifted Resource/Expansion (K-8) Christina.Dacey@wesdschools.org  Mrs. Dacey 
Diana Loeza Kindergarten Diana.Loeza@wesdschools.org  Kindergarten Web Site 
Jaris Harris Kindergarten Jaris.Harris@wesdschools.org  Kindergarten Web Site 
Margaret Dewhurst Kindergarten Margaret.Dewhurst@wesdschools.org  Kindergarten Web Site 
Kristina Hoelscher Music Kristina.Hoelscher@wesdschools.org  Mrs. Hoelscher  
Bill Distler P.E. William.Distler@wesdschools.org  
Jennifer Hayward P.E. jennifer.hayward@wesdschools.org Mrs. Hayward 
Janettha Vermeulen Physical Therapist Janettha.Vermeulen@wesdschools.org PT Website 
Sydney Knight Project Potential  Sydney.Knight@wesdschools.org Ms. Knight 
Erica Adelson Reading Intervention Erica.Adelson@wesdschools.org   
Linda Hulverson Special Education Linda.Hulverson@wesdschools.org  
Jennifer Lauzon  Special Education Jennifer.Lauzon@wesdschools.org  
Showing 36 items