Student Drop-off and Pickup Procedures


To ensure the safety of our children, please adhere to the following guidelines.  Your cooperation is appreciated and expected. 

No waiting in the pickup/drop-off zone.  Second dismissal pickup parents should not get in line until all first dismissal students are all picked up.

Drive in the direction of the arrows shown on the accompanying map .  If you are in the curbside lane, please move forward when someone exits from the DROP-OFF ZONE.  Please drop off and pick up quickly.  Use the ENTER and EXIT lanes as indicated.  Please DO NOT form a third lane.  If you want to park in a parking space, follow the directional arrows.  Do not go against the traffic.

Dropping off and picking up students is allowed in the DROP-OFF ZONE (designated by a red curb).  Do not park or stop on the crosswalk.

No vehicle may be unattended/parked in the DROP-OFF ZONE (curbside).  This is a “standing” only lane so you may move up when appropriate.  In other words, parents are not to leave their cars to enter the cafeteria, Extended Day Care, meet with a parent or teacher, etc., if they are in the DROP-OFF ZONE.

Parents who do not follow the rules of the parking lot will be contacted by the school and may be denied the privilege of driving on campus, having to park offsite and walk to pick up child/children.

The DROP-OFF ZONE being full does not give permission to drop off or pick up students in the DRIVE-THRU LANE.  If the DROP-OFF ZONE is full, you need to circle around the parking lot again until a space is available. 

Students need to exit and enter the vehicle through the door nearest the sidewalk, not from the DRIVE-THROUGH LANE.  The left-hand lane is the DRIVE-THROUGH LANE, which feeds into the DROP-OFF ZONE in front of the cafeteria.  At times, the parking lot volunteer may direct you into the DROP-OFF ZONE from the DRIVE –THROUGH LANE due to back up into the street or available space due to the  loading and unloading of students. 


The safest course of action is parking your vehicle and walking by way of the crosswalks.  Parking is permitted in designated parking spaces only.  AVOID parking in designated STAFF parking spaces in the morning.  Parking is also available in the neighborhood.  Students MAY NOT walk through the parking lot to meet you in the neighborhood.  You must come forward to greet your child(ren).  Please be an example and use the sidewalks and crosswalks when walking to pick up your child(ren) and when you return to your parked car. 

No vehicle may be parked in the handicapped spaces except ones with a handicapped permit or license plate! It must be displayed for everyone to see.

Dismissal and arrival times are not designed for you to have parent/teacher conferences.  The teachers must be watching their class to see who is leaving and with whom.  You may take a chance and see if the teacher is available after all his or her students have been picked up, but it is not recommended.  Please make an appointment.

DO NOT stop on the crosswalk at 39th Avenue and Cochise or any crosswalks.

DO NOT block the entrances/exists to the other neighborhood streets of North Lane and Cochise Drive off 39th Avenue. Cochise Drive is a cul-de-sac and only has the one entrance/exit!

DO NOT wait on 39th Avenue, blocking oncoming traffic, to get into the line going toward Peoria Avenue.  No one should be parking between the “School Zone” signs.  The local traffic and school buses cannot get through when cars are parked on 39th Avenue.

Thank you for your cooperation to make sure our students are safe.  Be patient, it only takes 15 minutes.