Principal's Message

January 2019

Dear Abraham Lincoln Families:

 Happy New Year! It is unbelievable that 2019 is already upon us. We are extremely elated to begin the second semester and proud to witness the learning among our students. Here at Abraham Lincoln Traditional School, we truly believe that every student can learn. The paces may vary and the learning styles may differ but every student can learn. Our primary goal as educators is to accelerate the learning process. Our teachers and staff are committed to providing our students with the best learning opportunities. We will continue to work hard to strive and maintain a family-oriented and safe environment for teaching and learning.

Research identifies parental involvement as a link for improved behavior, consistent attendance, and positive attitudes. When parents become involved their child’s school, it demonstrates to the child that they care about the education. That in itself motivates children to appreciate the importance of education and establishes an understanding and purpose for attending school. 

We encourage all parents to make it a priority to invest, at a minimum, three hours per month to volunteering. Please contact our front office at (602) 896-6300 to inquire about volunteering options. In addition, you can simply register yourself for our volunteer tracking system, Track It Forward, on our school website ( ). In doing so, you would be able to log and track your hours from any smart devices. You would also receive information about volunteering opportunities from our school and our amazing parent group, The Guild, relating to special school events that take place throughout the school year.

 As for the parking lot, we want to thank you for your continuous patience during the construction and implementation phase. Our purpose is to reduce off-site traffic and provide safety. Please follow all posted signs as you are entering and leaving the campus.

Just a reminder that parent-teacher conferences will be during the first week of February. We will be sending conference schedules in the coming weeks. Thank you for your continuous support and we look forward to seeing you on campus.


Emmitt Phok