Principal's Message

Dear Abraham Lincoln Family and Community,

        First, words cannot express my gratitude for the opportunity to be the principal of Abraham Lincoln Traditional School.  Education is the key to countless doors of opportunities for our children. We believe all students can learn, regardless of preferred learning styles and pace. Our primary goal as educators is to accelerate the learning process in order for our children to reach their full academic and social potentials.

        Abraham Lincoln Traditional School continues to focus on the four cornerstones of basic skills curriculum, parental involvement, discipline, and dress code. These four foundations are essential to the continuing success of our school, and we value your adherence to these established traditions.  Simultaneously, we will also focus on inclusive practices, meeting students' academic needs, and continuing to enhance our mathematics instruction. 
        As part of the Washington Elementary School District family, we embrace the district’s initiatives that emphasize on mathematical strategies, literacy, and best instructional practices for increasing student engagement during the learning process. In addition, our decision-making process is distinctive in that there is an established Executive Board, Leadership Team, and Site Council. Decisions are made through a collaborative process among all councils and the school administrator.
        I am extremely grateful and humble to serve here at Abraham Lincoln Traditional School. I look forward to the upcoming academic year and contributing to this already successful school community.

Emmitt Phok