Teacher Resources

Available Teacher Resources

Our library has many resources that may be helpful to you! 
Some available items include:
  • digital camera
  • flip video
  • flash drives
  • MP3 players
  • Grade Pro
  • videos
  • teacher resource bookshelf
  • access to district media center with hundreds of VHS and DVDs 

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SubjectSite NameDescriptionNew Column
SubjectSite NameDescriptionNew Column
General Stopwatch Stopwatch allows you to time anything just by clicking the start and pause buttons  
General Various Timers This site gives you a variety of fun timers to experiment with  
General Khan Academy Teaches you anything for free  
Math Math Worksheet Generator  Allows you to generate custom worksheets.  
Royalty Free Images Getty Images Public Domain Photographs   
ALTS Library What's Wrong with This Library? Evaluate library behavior on first day  
Showing 6 items