Reading Counts

Reading Counts is a reading program used by ALTS. Students read books and take multiple choice tests to assess their understanding. This program is available to all students; however, most students are not ready until sometime between the second half of first grade and the end of second grade. Tests may be taken in the child's classroom with the teacher's permission. They may also be taken in the library before or after school with the exception of junior high. Junior high students may take tests in the library during their library time or during electives.

Reading Counts Contest

At the end of every month all students who have taken ten quizzes at the appropriate reading level are rewarded with a $10.00 gift certificate to Bookman's. The top readers in every grade level are recognized in the morning announcements and the reader with the most points wins a free book from the library along with a certificate of recognition. Please encourage your children to read and take quizzes. Studies have shown that the more kids read, the better they perform in school.

Helping your Junior Higher Gain Success with Reading Counts

In junior high, Reading Counts is a requirement. Students must earn 40 points each quarter. This averages out to about one chapter book every  two weeks. Tests are open book so students are encouraged to refer to the book while testing. Students have three attempts to pass the quiz. If, after two quizzes they have not passed, they should ask to have the quiz questions printed. The teacher will correct the quiz questions and students may study. However, they may not keep the questions with them while they take the third quiz.

If students are having a hard time passing quizzes here are a few options:
    *  read shorter books
        The library has a shelf of books that are at a fourth grade reading
        level or above but around 42 pages.
    *  find audio books through the public library
        When kids can listen to the story and read at the same time, it   helps both their speed and comprehension 
    *  expect them to read for at least 20 minutes daily
        Setting an expectation for reading daily keeps them on target
    *  ask questions about the books they are reading
        If they can tell you the plot and characters, they probably understand the story

Scholastic Reading Counts Link

This link takes you to the official Reading Counts site where you can search for books. We do not guarantee that we have all the quizzes that Reading Counts offers but if we do not have a quiz, you can make a request to Mrs. Rich to purchase it.

Scholastic Reading Counts